Bakthi Yoga / kirtam

Bhakti Yoga is the limb of yoga that connects you with your own energy and the universal energy through sound. 
It is devotional yoga to divinity, based on the understanding that “Love is God and God is to Love”. 

Through the meditative chanting of mantras, Kirtan, it is possible and really easy to develop
a devotional attitude of love and to feel love within.

Yoga is an altruistic concept and it is not unusual for a Bhakti Yogi to perform tasks for others
without expecting anything from them in return, nor expecting any rewards for it.

According to the teachings of Bhakti Yoga, the reward lies in the doing itself and in the joy that
it will bring to others, putting the best of ourselves in it. 

It is not necessary at all to be a good singer nor to have a good voice, the only thing really needed is having
disposition and dedication, the rest simply happens if you release control.  

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