Emotional Intelligence

Online workshop aimed at emotional self-knowledge, to understand how they work and why, to learn tools for subtle and neutral listening that invite us to sustain difficult situations without running away (emotionally) from them. Learning to contact and remain in that moment that we have to live, understanding that there are no good or bad emotions, but necessary ones.

# Objectives:

- To identify each emotion.
- To discover how and where they originate.
-To observe the different possibilities of response and learn to choose consciously.
-To integrate it into your daily life.

# Requirements:

-Computer or tablet.

-WIFI connection.

-External speaker (recommended).


# Facilitates: Santiago Orea (Yoga therapy, Transpersonal Mindfulness, Vital Readjustment)

# Economic contribution: 45€

Next available dates: from Friday 16th to Sunday 18th October