Free from Tobacco

The way tobacco works in our minds is similar to that of a computer program that comes with malware and without uninstaller. We install it at some point thinking that we can handle it and quit whenever we want, however the reality is that we lose our power and freedom, it handles us and it becomes a challenge to be able to quit and become tobacco-free again.

The main difficulty in giving up tobacco is not the abstinence syndrome or withdrawal, but the mental and especially emotional attachment to which it subjects us. From my own experience as a smoker I have understood and accepted that I will always be a smoker for the rest of my life. Smokers can be classified as active or passive (if they breathe other smokers' smoke). I add two other classifications, the "vulnerable latent" smoker who would be the one who has managed to quit but still remains mentally and emotionally hooked, suffering from anxiety and or fear of relapse or simply believing that he has already overcome it and will never relapse again. The fourth classification is the "liberated latent" smoker who is the one who has understood and accepted that he will always be a smoker, that the "computer program he installed" will always be there, the one who develops the necessary tools so that every time it appears he can be free from the urge to light a cigarette so be truly tobacco-free.

This work of tobacco liberation is aimed at active smokers or those in a "vulnerable latent state" who wish to develop the attitudes necessary to free themselves little by little, progressively and at their own pace but completely from the yoke of their slavery. It is designed and aimed at discovering, understanding, accepting and dismantling the beliefs we have acquired about tobacco. It is aimed at dismantling the mental and emotional attachment that we build around tobacco.

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