Hi, my name is Julia, born and raised in Vienna, Austria.
Originally, I come from a business background and
used to successfully consult big companies for most of my working life.
However, life had other plans for me…

Through several years of training and self-development, I attained several qualifications that enable me to offer you the tools and methods that made my own transformational process possible: I am a psychological counselor/ coach (Austrian license), systemic constellator, NLP trainer and yoga teacher by heart.

Given my roots and the schools and universities I have visited, I chose the save and obvious path for a long time of my life, mainly for two reasons. First, I always wanted to belong, which made me highly adaptable and distant from my own feelings, needs and dreams for most of my youth. Second, I had learned that achieving things is something highly regarded in our Western society as it was naturally in my family. Thus, I always strived to achieve more, aiming for the highest position possible in the company I was working for, while at the same time completing training after training, basically to feel better about myself,
to love myself.

While I didn’t realize at the time that I was basically living a life that didn’t feel like my own and that I was on an endless quest for finding self-love through achievements, constantly disrespecting my own limits, resources and the pain that was lying dormant beneath all of that, I found myself shaken by a small but significant burnout that would change my life forever.

Over the years that followed, I learned to feel and get in touch with my body and my inner self through yoga, and gained clarity and experienced healing through therapy and systemic constellations. In addition to that, I went through an extensive NLP training program that enabled me to basically reprogram myself, freeing myself of repeating patterns that kept me in place and hinder my personal development and installing new ones, rewriting my own history to move forward to the life I really wanted for myself.

These experiences, coupled with loving partnerships, close friendships and my connection to spirituality led me to this day, to my purpose, which is to accompany you on your personal journey, using and providing you with the tools and methods that made me the free and happy person I am today.


These are some of my most relevant qualifications:


Austrian qualification


Austrian qualification


International qualification

Hatha y
Nidra yoga

Yoga Alliance certification

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