From Home

From home and at your own pace you can follow any of the training programs we have created for you.

40 Days of mindfulness training

This training is aimed at people of any age who want to deepen their self-knowledge or who have been lost or overwhelmed throughout their lives by situations of pressure, stress or fear, by personal, material or any other kind of loss, feeling that they have lost control of their lives.
It is aimed at people who want to regain control
over the animal impulsivity that is an
inherent part of every human being.
Aimed at advanced, intermediate or beginner meditators, this course consists of different levels of practice,
adapted to each person.
Anyone can do it, finding profound benefits in it,
because without a doubt, learning to surf the emotional
ups and downs, the swings of life and to flow with
whatever happens as it is, is the basis of a prosperous happiness independent of circumstances
that we have had to live through.


The way tobacco works in our minds is similar to a
computer program that comes with malware and no uninstaller. We install it at some point thinking that
we will be able to manage it and quit whenever we want, however, the reality is that we lose our power and freedom,
it manages us and it becomes a challenge to quit
and become free again.
The main difficulty in quitting tobacco is not the withdrawal syndrome or physical “disconforts”, but the mental hook and above all the emotional dependence to which it subjects us.
This programme is aimed at people who wish to develop the necessary attitudes to free themselves little by little, without anxiety and at their own pace, but completely and permanently from the yoke of slavery to which it subjects us.
To start this programme it is not necessary that you to stop smoking beforehand, it is advisable to continue smoking until you find the inner strength to do so without anxiety.

One-to-one counselling sessions

Accompaniment sessions are exactly what the name implies, individual spaces for accompaniment.
To accompany literally means “to be or to go with another or others”.
We accompany you on your way to reach your goals, to develop happiness as a way of life. We accompany you on the path of exploring and reconnecting with your inner wisdom.
We also offer you a safe space of accompaniment where you can walk the path of learning to express your needs, where we accompany you to explore your fears, where you can heal your wounds, where you can grow in understanding and acceptance of yourself.
We offer you a space where you can connect with your inner universe and with the infinite Love that you already are and that dwells in it.
The techniques and tools that we offer vary depending on the person and the situation that you propose to us in the accompaniment. They are mainly based on Transpersonal Psychology, Mindfulness and Yoga, understanding Yoga in a broad way.

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