magic Pranayama

Breathing is the basis of life, as you breathe so is your life.
It usually happens automatically without paying too much attention to it,
that’s how it goes…

Poor breathing is a direct cause of multiple disorders. Usually we don’t consciously breathe, we don’t know what it really means to breathe and what potentials it entails. We just cope and live more or less decently, missing the chance to enjoy life to the fullest. 

There are multiple examples of people who can do really amazing things through control and awareness of their breathing, like Wim Hof, who is able to completely control his body temperature in ice-cold water for a long time without any adverse effect on his health and to neutralize a virus injected into his body.

The yoga master Iyengar also had a really powerful and decisive support in his early days with yoga
because of the sickly weakness of his body since childhood.  

By becoming aware of your breath you can change, not what happens in your life, but how you place yourself in it, and the responses, usually reactive and unconscious, that we constantly generate in the face of everything that happens.

At Be Mindful Yoga, we put special attention to Pranayama, breathing practice as a fundamental part of the class. 

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