the breath

As you breath, so you live.

Breathing is the basis of life, the way you breathe the way you live your life.
There is a direct relationship between the way you breathe and the way you live, think, feel.

It happens automatically without paying too much attention to it, and so it goes.

Many people regularly take short, shallow, rapid breaths,
i.e. in a “normalised hyperventilation”.
This way of breathing causes countless undesirable side effects:

– Permanent tension, both muscular, mental and of course emotional.
– Alertness as a way of life.
– Cortisol levels above healthy levels.
– Hyper-reactivity and hypersensitivity to any stimulus.

Getting out of it is possible and although it comes at a price, in the form
of effort and perseverance to develop new habits,
this will always be more affordable in the long run than any other price you have to pay because
“of being comfortable” you have done nothing to change your habits.

The comfort of the familiar kills slowly, at least in this case, and if you do nothing,
this will be a degenerative process to which more and more symptoms will be added,
which you can always blame on any circumstance, and yet without any doubt,
If you had “paid the price for the effort”, you would most likely have been spared them,
or at least you would certainly have delayed them long enough so
that they would not have been a problem to carry with you.

What do you say?

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