"Great place to rest and get some headspace" by Polina Abdoulina from Netherlands

11.05.2018 17:26

I stayed at the retreat for 6 days. The house is in a lovely location, 5 minutes away from the beach, which is absolutely divine as there is mostly no one around. Practically all neighbours are growing some produce of their own, it’s nice to walk around, smell the amazing orange blossom, see potatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins, lemons, tomatoes, beans and many other fruit and vegetables grow. 15-minute drive will get you to Cullera, which is a town on the coast, which has a wonderful beach, and a castle on a hill worth visiting. A beautiful hike in the mountains along ruins of a deserted monastery in Valle de la Murta is also just 30 minutes away by car. The yoga and meditation sessions are adjusted to your level and when the groups are small, you have a lot of say in what you want to do, Santiago is very flexible and adjusts to your needs, for instance I asked if we could do the morning sessions outside and that was no problem. You have the freedom to join the classes or not, nothing is obligatory, which gives a lot of rest. The food prepared by Santiago is vegetarian, for the largest part organic, mostly local, seasonal and tastes great. All in all, a great place to relax, do what you want and get some headspace. Santiago, thank you very much for your kindness and hospitality. I really felt at home, relaxed and free!