40 Days of personalized mindfulness training online

This is a training personally developed by Santiago using his own material, as well as recycling and updating for this occasion part of the material from his 2 year training as a Mindfulness Consultant at José María Doria's "Escuela Española de Desarrollo Personal" in Madrid.

This situation of isolation that we have experienced through covid19, although it's already beginning to rise timidly, is going to leave an emotional mark that is difficult to forget and impossible to erase for many of us. Learning to live with it, to normalize the new situation is fundamental to continue living with the dignity and quality of life that we all deserve.

Anyone can do it, finding great benefits in it because without a doubt, at the end of the path you will find a treasure of incalculable value, a treasure that was hidden by a "pirate" in a very dark and hidden cave so that no one would find it. S/He hid it so well that s/he doesn't even remember what it is or where it is, and suddenly the map that guides to it has fallen into your hands.

This training is aimed at any person between 15 and 99 years old who has been subjected throughout this confinement to situations of pressure, stress or fear, due to personal, material or any other kind of loss. It's aimed to advanced, intermediate or beginner meditators. Anyone can do it finding transforming and life changing benefits in it, this training is aimed at both health professionals, education and security forces who have borne a huge weight, who have endured the stress and fatigue of this pandemic, who have suffered from seeing many people die alone and the helplessness of not being able to do anything, as those who have been closely touched have suffered some personal loss or suffered the disease or anyone else who has lived with fear and watching this period out of hand.

In the images you have the basic information, clicking on them you can enlarge or donwload them. Click on the buttons just below the images to download in pdf the detailed information with the instructions to follow this personalized training and a small mp3 audio as introduction to the mindfulness attitudes, if you need it, before the daily meditation. The background sounds of the file are the natural that we have here, are not artificial added at all.

If you still need more information don't hesitate to contact us.