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I Dream of a World...

Woman dancing, expressing freely
Freedom, liberation, woman

... where people feel free to be who or whatever they want to be.

... where people connect even if it's difficult at times.

... where people can openly express their needs, while remaining / being empathetic towards others.

... where people allow themselves to live up to their potential / their calling.

... where people dare to be different without fearing rejection.

... where opinions are shared as viewpoints that are allowed to stand on their own without needing validation or facing rejection.

... where people share their stories and experiences with one another so that they can learn from and grow through each other.

... where people are there for each other / take care of one another without asking or expecting anything in return.

... where people lovingly accept other's individuality and refrain from trying to change one another.

... where people face personal and interpersonal challenges instead of looking for distractions or waiting things out.

And what do you dream of?

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